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There’s No Gift Like Wine for the Holidays

The holidays mean something a little different for each and every one of us. For some, it’s a time of celebration; for others, a time of remembrance. Gift-giving, too, can be a strange mix of emotions—especially for those of us who are trying to find great gifts for those wine lovers in our lives. These citizen sommeliers can be difficult to shop for. You may find yourself asking, what is a good wine to gift for Christmas anyway? Where do you get it? Is one bottle enough? Do people even give wine as gifts?

Yes, they do! But the definition of the best wine for a Christmas gift will depend heavily on the individual you’re shopping for. Luckily, at Monserate Winery, we have a little something for every palate, from our rich red Montepulciano to our citrus-accented white Fiano. For those who don’t fall into either camp, we also offer a selection of sparkling and rosé wines.

Bottom line? You’re sure to find something the wine lover in your life will love amidst our barrels and bottles. If you can’t pick just one wine Christmas gift or think your loved one might appreciate more than one bottle to taste, you can always gift them with a wine subscription, such as the one we have available through our Wine Club.

If you’re set on giving wine as a gift this Christmas season, don’t settle for something ordinary. These are the holidays, and no matter how you celebrate, these are the times when gifts become special. Anyone can go pick up a randomly selected bottle of red or white at the grocery store or dedicated alcohol mart, it’s true. But a specially procured wine, curated from grapes plucked straight from the hills of beautiful San Diego County—now that is special.

Choose a wine from our selection here at Monserate for the bottle that will make this Christmas one to remember.