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2021 Negro Amaro

Best of Class | Sunset International Wine Competition

Our 2021 Negro Amaro is a remarkable wine that has earned prestigious accolades, including “Best of Class” and a Double Gold medal at the renowned Sunset International Wine Competition. This third-year vintage showcases exceptional quality and craftsmanship, boasting rich flavors and a velvety smoothness that delights the palate and leaves a lasting impression.

Our History

Learn about our journey, from our San Diego vineyard to the bottle

purchased land


The Fallbrook Golf Course is purchased and the work begins to create Monserate Winery.

first vineyard


45 acres of vines are planted on the East side and another 30 acres on the West side.

new varieties


New grape varieties are introduced and planted on the West side, bringing the total to 85 acres of vines on the property.

first vintage


We have our first harvest and produce our first vintage of wine.

first wines bottled


Our first vintages of wine are bottled and ready to be shared with friends and family.

soft opening


Monserate Winery opened to the public! We are thankful to the community for all the support.

Our Story

Monserate Winery began with a desire to preserve the beauty and integrity of Gird Valley.  For 56 years, the beautiful 116-acre property was a public golf course, dotted with 100-year-old oaks and towering sycamore trees.  After falling on hard times, the golf course closed.  We had a vision to revitalize the land and create something incredible that would also enrich the lives of the surrounding community, and thus, Monserate Winery was born.  We have been hard at work to bring this vision to life since 2016 and have made a lot of progress. Today, Monserate’s San Diego county wineries boast breathtaking vineyards, tranquil lakes, and spectacular scenery.  As we continue to grow and expand our operations, we stay true to our original vision:


Strive for excellence in everything we do.


Preserve the beauty and integrity of the land.


Enrich the lives of our neighbors, near and far.

Top view of three red wine bottles on a wood table with an old fashioned corkscrew.


Get the most that Monserate Winery has to offer and enjoy exclusive wines, member discounts, and special events. Joining is FREE and you will only be charged for each shipment or pick up.


Monserate Winery highlights Estate wines grown and bottled here in San Diego County. Stop by our tasting room or shop online to taste our distinguished wines.

Estate wines. 2021 Monte Luna, 2021 Fedele, 2021 Fiore

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