March 2023

Can you hear the wedding bells? We’re going to Monserate and we’re going to get married!  At Monserate Vineyards and Winery, we’re proud to be a wedding venue that provides you with the opportunity to create and personalize the wedding of your dreams! With rolling hills, serene lakes, towering sycamore trees, and acres of vines, our estate is the definition of beauty and romance. Furthermore, with our customizable venue spaces, you have the opportunity to curate your special day exactly how you desire.  Our wedding packages include a plethora of flexible options to meet all of your needs. We have an incredible team at Monserate that will assist you every

Allow me to set the Monserate scene for you. The sun is beginning to set behind the hills, creating a heavenly golden reflection on the water. The water is still; the flowers are softly swaying; the doves are starting to coo; the image before you is like a beautiful painting frozen in time. You’re relaxing on our patio with your loved ones, enjoying a glass of your favorite Monserate wine. The wind brushes past your face, carrying with it, the irresistible smell of freshly baked dough. Jacob swiftly sets a Margherita pizza down at your table. The mozzarella is gently melted over a warm bed of tomato sauce